I’ve had enough. I’m fed up. I’m done. no matter how many times we “start over”, there is too much deceit. I sincerely want to believe that he’s telling the truth but this wrenching feeling in my gut won’t let me. I’ve believed too many lies to believe any more. I’ve had my fair share of hurt and now it’s time for you to have yours. losing me may be one of the hardest things for you. it may take time for you to see that I’m actually gone. you’ll call me expecting me to pick up.. no, sorry. it’s time for me to move on. I need a new beginning no matter how hard it may be for me. I’m going to have those nights where all I do is cry and wonder what I did wrong for you to do that to me. but if that’s what it takes, I’m willing to go through it because we are toxic for each other. no amount of fixing will ever fix us. we’re too broken. we had loved each other too much and now we despise each other. who knows, maybe it’s for the better. maybe it’s not. but I’m willing to find out.

don’t pick up anymore when I call you up cause it’s the beginning of a bad idea.